ICOE Led - Zoom Video Tutorials

Zoom 101

Zoom 101 Recording

Learn how to set up a Zoom link with settings that support your instruction and learn the basics of the teacher ("host") interface
Zoom 102

Zoom 102 Recording

What might a virtual lesson look like using Zoom? This sessions discusses lesson structure, share planning resources and review how to use Breakout Rooms.
Zoom 103_BUSD

Zoom 103 Recording

This session will review the instructional features of Zoom such as participant screen share, whiteboard and annotation. Breakout rooms are also reviewed.

Beginner Video Tutorials (short)

How to Zoom - short how-to videos playlist from Zoom

See highlighted selections from this playlist below

Zoom Task Cards

Graduated learning targets for teachers learning to be Zoom Hosts (not a video - just cards to help you set learning goals)

Highlighted Short Zoom Training Videos from the "How to Zoom" collection

Longer Zoom Training (recorded live sessions)

Getting Started with Zoom

What is a Zoom Meeting? Spend 45 minutes learning the basics with one of our Zoom experts. We will cover scheduling, inviting others, host controls, and wrap things up with live Q&A. Audience: Beginner
This is a recording of a live session - sign up here for a live session

Zoom Meetings for Education

Spend 45 minutes discovering the power of virtual teaching and learning in the Zoom classroom. We will show you the steps and best practices from two points of view: student (downloading the app then joining and participating in the class), and teacher (scheduling, joining, hosting, and in-meeting tools) before wrapping up with live Q&A.
This training session focuses on using our Zoom Meetings platform as your classroom setting.
The linked video is a recording of one of their Live Sessions - sign up for a live session here.

Zoom Help Center Highlights

Educating over ZOOM

Resources on how to use Zoom for distance education

Zoom for Chromebooks

How to use Zoom on a Chromebook - what you can do, and a few things you can't

Graphic Intro to Zoom Interface for Participants

Right click image to save to your computer so you can share with your students(note the text instructions below image are separate)

On the phone only?

  • *6 - Toggle mute/unmute

  • *9 - Raise hand

Online Teaching Methods for Student Engagement and More

9 Ways Online Teaching Should Be Different from Face-to-Face

From Cult of Pedagogy, article and interview with Melanie Kitchen

No Student Should Have to Sit Through a Zoom Lecture

What works best in the classroom is what works best online, and that’s not passive learning.

Distance Learning Standards for Schools

Following a spring of uneven distance learning expectations for schools across California, the new state budget sets standards for fall instruction.

Making Learning Happen Online

This series covers what we’ve learned at Manhattan Prep over more than 10 years of online teaching, and two years teaching in Zoom. In this episode, instructor Jeff Vollmer shows how you can tailor your lesson to online learning to get the most out of your online class.

Keeping Students Engaged

As a teacher, how can you keep the benefits of an in-person class while moving your class online into Zoom? This series covers what we’ve learned at Manhattan Prep over more than 10 years of online teaching, and two years teaching in Zoom.

Easy ESL Games for Zoom Lessons

Several video available on this YouTube Channel


More Advanced Zoom Tricks

Advanced Zoom- How Screen share works when teaching online

This video tutorial takes you through screen sharing in Zoom and shows you some advanced features. I have been running training sessions in Zoom and I notice that many teachers don't realize how the screen share features work.

Seven Zoom Screen Share Tips Every User Should Know

Shortcuts, security, video, advanced screen sharing, polls, annotation

Zoom Multiple Screen Share

Multiple screen sharing in Zoom is an interesting feature that allows multiple participants in a meeting to simultaneously share their screens. In this video, Adam will show you how a meeting organizer can enable multiple screen sharing and then how participants are able to view them.

Sharing files in Zoom - using Zoom to send and receive meeting files

This is a beginners tutorial that shows you how to share and send files to everyone in a Zoom meeting. It also shows you how to download and save your Zoom meeting files, and also covers how to send a document to a single participant in a meeting.

How to Screen Share Google Slides in Zoom and Still See Your Presenter Notes

When you lead a class session with a Google Slides presentation, it's helpful to be able to see your presenter notes at the same time, WITHOUT your students seeing them. Here's a way to do that on a single screen!

How to Create a Zoom Meeting Distance Learning Lesson Using Google Slides

Teachers guide to using Google Slides with zoom meetings. Keep your meeting under control and efficient. Google Slides and zoom meetings are a great match for teaching online and distance learning. Zoom Meetings Lesson Example with Students

Zoom-Maximise Use of the Breakout Rooms

Some great tips on how to set up your Zoom breakout rooms when working with students, so that you can maximize the impact for students. (Good tips for upper grades)