8th Grade University Tour (UNR)

ICOE is pleased to offer a series of first-hand college experiences to Inyo county students.  During the 8th grade year, students will have the opportunity to visit Reno for an overnight field trip and college tours.  They will also visit our local Cerro Coso Community College for an additional on campus experience and rotate through 7-8 sessions led by local community members at the 8th Grade Cerro Coso Day field trip.  For more information about this event, visit this page

UNR Field Trip 2023

Who: All 8th grade students in Inyo County

What: An on-campus tour of a Community College and University

When: November 15-16, 2023

Where: Reno, Nevada

Cost: $20-$40 cash.  Your local school and ICOE is covering the costs for this trip.  We suggest bringing some cash in case your child would like to purchase a souvenir or food outside of the provided options. 

What to bring: Lunch for November 15th and prepare for an overnight stay.  Pack light!  There isn't a ton of space on the bus.  Please note, there will be a lot of walking outdoors. Suggested items include: 

For specific questions about the trip, please reach out to Mini Doonan


760-873-3262 x2106

Handouts and Trip Information

Trip Guidelines

Trip Guidelines

What to Pack

Things to Pack

2023 UNR Schedules and Chaperone Info