Student Events

The Education Services Team at ICOE offers several student events throughout the school year that support student learning and academic competition. 

2023-24 Student Event Dates

8th Grade College Day

February 9, 2024
Students visit our local community college to explore the benefits of college, what it takes to get to college, and the many pathways available. 

Speech Contest

February 7, 2024, Grades 5-8
Schools can have 2 students advance to the county Speech Contest where students recite their speech and a local panel judges on delivery and content. 

History Day

(Tentatively) March 15, 2024, Grades 4-12
Students have the opportunity to engage in a long term project that showcases their understanding of an important topic in history.  

Spelling Bee 

March 20, 2024, Grades 4-8
Students are challenged to spell!  The county competition allows for 4 students (2 elementary division, 2 junior division) to advance to state.

5th Grade College & Career Day

April 26, 2024
Students visit the Tri County Fairgrounds to learn about college and explore careers.