History Day


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Important notes about History Day 2021

Two ways of participating this year

  • Process Level: students work through the history day project but may not complete entirely or timeline may not align with county competition.

  • Competitive Level: students complete their history day projects according to the NHD guidelines and enter into the county contest on March 11th to be judged.

What are the types of projects students can complete?

  • Documentary, exhibit, paper, performance, poster (elementary only), website, and podcast

What grades can participate?

  • Grades 4-12

What resources are available to help with the planning and execution of this project?

  • ICOE staff will be happy to work with you and your class directly!

  • Click on the hyperdoc to the left

  • Many resources are available through the CA-NHD website and NHD website

Coordinators Meeting Resources (from previous years)

HD Coordinators Meeting