Outdoor Environmental Education

Local Field Program Lessons

Schools are closed, and so our field programs aren't happening, but here are some lessons from these programs you can use for distance learning or for parents to do at home with their children

Planting Seeds

Garden lessons for K-1 - can be done at home in students' own gardens.

Taking Root

Outdoor lessons for 3rd grade - now includes distance lessons for each month (except field birding in May)

Eastern Sierra Watershed Project

Many lessons could be adapted, especially the classroom pre-and post-lessons from the handbooks for each grade-level. 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades.

Branching Out

New Program still under development with monthly outdoor lessons for 5th grade - many elements of the lessons could be used for distance learning.

For the Birds!

Just because we are staying home doesn't mean we can't enjoy wildlife! Birds are everywhere, including out your window! Listen to their songs, set up a feeder to observe, learn to sketch birds, learn about bird songs, how to ID birds, record your bird sightings, start a nature journal!

How To Make These Next Few Weeks A Little Easier, Courtesy Of Birds

Cornell's All About Birds website has great resources for studying birds at home, in your backyard, and online.

Learn how to identify birds, bird songs, participate in citizen science, use online resources and apps, observe birds online with nest cams, and much more, including resources for teachers!

Weekly lessons

with Videos, Science, Art and DIY projects, reading, writing, fun games and interactives - all for the birds!

Audubon for Kids!

This page brings together activities from across Audubon’s national network of environmental educators, including the classroom curriculum Audubon Adventures, plus related DIY activities and content from Audubon’s editors. These activities can be done at home or in a yard or park, sometimes with the help of a computer. All you need is to be a companion to your child’s curiosity.

Engaging Student in Outdoor Education During Remote Learning

Resources from ICOE online Workshop on 5/8/20Includes guiding principles, resources for teaching observation skills, nature journaling and sketching, projects, phenology studies, citizen science, and support for families.

Engaging students with outdoor education during distance learning

Ways to incorporate outdoor education into your remote teaching, pandemic or not! Outdoor Education is student-centered, meaningful, and engages students in NGSS practices and concepts - and it's not impossible!

Get Your Student Outdoors to Learn Science

Copy these outdoor education "homework" assignments to use with students

Nature Journaling and Sketching

How to Teach Nature Journaling

The definitive Guide! Free PDF download of individual lessons, videos, teaching tips, and more!

John Muir Laws

Nature Stewardship through Science, Education, and Art - many art and nature journaling lessons and demonsrations.

Create a Neighborhood Field Journal

From STEM Humboldt, with downloadable journal templates and examples

Sketching with Christine

Natural Science Artist and Educator, Christine Elder, presents M-F nature sketching sessions, also available through her website: https://christineelder.com/

Additional Resources on Wakelet

More added all the time!

Virtual Field Trips

From Local to Outer Space!

Citizen Science

A collection of great opportunities for students to collect data to share with larger studies.

Plant Education

Botany is Beautiful! Ideas for learning about plants for all ages

Bird Education

Fun stuff for bird beginners, bird nerds, and educators!

Science and Nature Journaling Resources

Keeping Science Notebooks or Nature Journals is a great way to incorporate many science and other standards.

Outdoor Education At Home

These distance learning lessons and activities from outdoor education programs can be done in nature anywhere: school, your backyard, your neighborhood, a park, or even in your house.

Earth School

30 Quests for students around the world to celebrate, explore and connect with nature. From TED Ed.

30 Days of Reconnection with Nature

30 Days of reconnection with nature, through observation, journaling, and Learning - so many great resources, plus project-based learning and many other resources for all grade levels available on their site.

Everyone Counts

Everyone Counts! is a class, community-building activity, and community science project. Participants engage in nature-observation skills, mindfulness, and concepts of biodiversity science through multiple ways of learning.

Weekly Wonder

Weekly Wonder is a virtual program designed to be accessible for learners of all ages. No expensive gear, no need to travel to distant wild places, and no specialized skills or experience necessary! Your classroom just needs you and your willingness to be curious, to pay attention to the world around you, and to share wonder and joy with other students.

Westminster Woods - At Home Nature Activities

Here are some activities created by Westminster Woods' Teacher Naturalists that you can do in nature anywhere: school, your backyard, your neighborhood, a park, or even in your house.

NatureBridge - Outside Still Open

The outdoors are still open and offer plenty of opportunities for learning activities. These hands-on, interactive lessons will ensure that kids can continue to do what they do best: remain curious and explore the natural world.

Camp Nuhop "At-Home" Outdoor Education

40+ lessons and activities designed to give teachers and students an outdoor education experience - right in their own backyards! Great background information on concepts included.

Wolf Ridge Adventures in Learning

Interactive, blended learning with online or print and outdoor components you can do in your own backyard, on a walk through your neighborhood or at a safe distance from others in your local park. Try their BIRDS lesson!

Children & Nature Network

We are in awe of the resiliency and creativity of the children and nature movement in responding to this crisis. We've compiled these tools and resources from key partners and leaders around the world.