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A sampling of great lessons that can be adapted to any grade level, and all are fun and offer opportunities for learning, even for adults - click on the images to go to the lessons - enjoy!

These lessons were taken from a Facebook Post from CalAcademy - follow them for more!

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A Selection of CalAcademy Resources by Grade-Level

The resources below can be viewed by a student directly or activities that can be facilitated by a parent. They are also available on Learning Resources for Students at Home on the CalAcademy website.

Primary Grades and Up

Nature Play:
Create with Nature

Build outdoors with "Nature Play: Create with Nature"
(Pre-school - 3rd grade)

What Would Happen?

Investigate your favorite insect with "What Would Happen?"
(Pre-school - 1st grade)

7,000 Kinds of Amphibians

Watch and sing (loudly)
Fun for all ages!

Live Penguin Cams

Observe and imitate the Academy's live African Penguin colony!
Fun for all ages!

Notice and Wonder

Build Questioning and Observation skills in "Notice and Wonder"
(Appropriate for ALL ages, really!)

Chew, Bite, Chomp

Observe how you use different teeth with "Chew, Bite, Chomp"

Penguins: Will You Be My Valentine?

Connect with animal caretakers in "Penguins, Will You Be My Valentine?"

Introduction to Scientific Sketching

Get an Introduction to "Scientific Sketching"
(3-12; Appropriate for ALL ages!)

Jungle Layers

Sing a song and draw out your own "Jungle Layers"

Penguins: Wings, Beaks, and Feathers, Oh My!

Meet our birds in "Penguins: Wings, Beaks, and Feathers, Oh My!"

Sketching for Observation

Use "Scientific Sketching for Observation" in your notebook (Appropriate for ALL ages!)

Natural Resources Bingo

Play "Natural Resources Bingo"
(2-8 and up)

Fraction Penguin

Count sections as your build a "Fraction Penguin"

Upper Elementary Grades and Up

Macroinvertebrate Manor

Design a "Macroinvertebrate Manor" in any small outdoor space.
3-5 and up)

Art & Science: Nature as your Muse

Draw with us in "Art & Science: Nature as Your Muse"
(K-5 and up)

The Story of Poo

Watch and giggle at "The Story of Poo"

Compost: A Scientific Investigation

Carry out a "Compost Scientific Investigation"
3-7 and up)

Let's Chat About Weather and Climate

Connect with experts to hear the difference between "Weather & Climate"
(3-5 and up)

Pocket Solar System

Build a "Pocket Solar System" to grasp astronomical scale
(3-8 and up)

Take a Virtual Dive in a Kelp Forest

Take a virtual dive and learn about habitat
(5-8 and up)

Spooktacular Skulls

Connect and compare these "Spooktacular Skulls"
(3-5 and up)

Spot That Bird

Learn how to "Spot That Bird," then do an outdoor "Bird Count"
(4-5 and up)

Middle School and High School

Flipside Science

Watch "Flipside Science" and design your own solutions - MANY resources!
Middle School and High School)

Tour of the Night Sky

Connect with astronomy experts in "Tour of the Night Sky"
(3-8 and up)

How Big is Big?

Produce scale models with "How Big is Big?"
(6-12 and up)

Academy Science

Watch "Academy Science" videos to explore STEM careers
High School)

Biodiversity Course

This Course an also be completed at Khan Academy here
(High School and up)

Nudibranchs - Colorful Creatures of the Sea

Meet a marine biologist in "Nudibranchs, Colorful Creatures of the Sea"
(4-12 and up)