8th Grade
College Day

College Day 2022

Thanks to all who joined 8th Grade College Day on September 9, 2022! Approximately 200 8th grade students from Inyo County visited Cerro Coso Community College to learn about College and Careers. Students rotated through 7 different sessions for an introduction to A-G requirements, financial aspects of post-secondary education, CSU and University requirements, spoke with a local graduates panel, and did a little planning for their future. After the event, students shared about their goals:

  • "My goal for 8th grade is to only get B's and A's but mostly A's. My goal for high school is to complete the A-G requirements and to play at least one sport each year. Senior year I want to play all the sports and only get A's and B's."

  • "My goals are to have a good education and have a good career."

  • “I want to go to college and get popular for basketball and then go to the NBA but if that doesn't work I want a good paying job."

  • "To get a masters degree and I'm going to work for that."

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!